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Simple And Easy Tips and Tricks on Painting Accent Walls

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

For you to paint your accent walls in a professional manner here are some straightforward tips and tricks to help you go about it the easy way.

Tips and Tricks on Painting Accent WallsFirst step to painting your accent walls

The initial step to painting any wall is to start by selecting an ideal printer’s space. It is crucial to get the correct tape, as many lower cost alternative tapes may not stick well to the walls, thus allowing paint to seep. For long lasting success scores, it is mandatory that you use high-quality, flexible caulking, often ranging at prices between $5 and $7.

With the right kind of caulk, you can eliminate unneeded spaces and gaps between your wall and trim, guaranteeing you a longer lasting tenure. Cover your floors with plastic so as not to damage your flooring. Spare the first few minutes for this step to avoid wasting many hours after you finish.

Application of the right prime

When preparing an accent wall for painting, you can use a primer because it aims at allowing your top layer to dry in a smooth even manner. Many individuals perceive white primer as the best option before applying paint. Always dye your primer a similar color to the paint to use as this works best by allowing you to apply lesser coats of stain as you get the same rich, vibrant color you desired. Similarly, you can utilize a water-based stain blocking primer to cover grease, water stains, scuff marks and ink. If your walls have new drywalls installed, then a Poly Vinyl Acetate (PVA) primer is the best to help seal the surface.

Picking an appropriate color for your accent wall

Selecting the right color for your accent wall is based on the existing colors within your home. Therefore, it is better to invest in a piece that would last longer, rather than something that needs extra cost incurrences down the road. In any case, if you have an existing color palette all over your home, then you will have to use a color from the scheme for it to work.

Matching existing color schemes in a room to accent walls

It is very simple to match your existing color scheme. Select the next darker or lighter color on a color wheel, as they may not match well with your color scheme. It may be a different tone, pigment as well as a different color range. If there exists a particular color in your space you would wish to base your accent wall from, then you need to alter the saturation of that color. You can do this at your local paint retail store.

For instance, your wall color is red, and you want your accent wall to be a lighter red color. Ask for your original red color at 50%, meaning that the store would add the same pigment combination at only 50% of the initially prescribed amount for your color to turn out brighter.

The same applies if you want a darker red but at color 150% bringing about the same color but at a darker density. Such process guarantees your stains will match as they are the same color. Alternatively, choosing your accent wall color does not entirely have to be of similar tones as the other walls in your room.

Bottom line, you do not have to select the same color for your accent walls, but can opt to go for different colors. All this is as long as you ensure to maintain the right shades for matching.

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